We have items in the following urls that are needed at the shelter and you don't even have to deliver them as they will be mailed. They will also let us know who sent what so we can send you a thank you. 

Walmart wish list  |  Amazon wish list  |  Overstock wish list

Urgently Needed:  laundry soap, bleach,  dawn dish soap, chicken breast, hamburger,  brown rice, benedryl (NOT THE COLD TYPE), frontline, heartguard, paper towels,  .

Office supplies needed: 62 HP ink,  stamps, printer paper,  small(for cabinets) and medium clear storage tubs, trash bags kitchen and 35 LBS, antibiotic ointment, q- tips, liquid hand soap, toilet paper, 

Donations can be dropped off at 37 1/2 W Mill St(actually off of Birch St)

If you have a lot of items and need them picked up let us know and we will schedule a pick up

Tax receipts upon request

Donations can be made at First Merchants  Bank to Frenzy Animal Rescue account, by phone or with a card using
Or by mailing a check or money order to PO Box 194, New Palestine, In 46163

Gifts for the dogs may be sent to PO Box 194, New Palestine, In 46163. They can also be dropped off at 37 1/2 W Mill St and put under the porch or brought to the door.

Thank you for all the support you have given in the past.